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Published October 4, 2018

Trivia Game

This week we are trying something a little different. Instead of reviewing an individual or group of liquors, we have each grabbed one of our favorite drinks and are going to enjoy them while playing a new trivia game, called Potent Potables.

Potent Potables Trivia (the name is not new btw) was created and run by Mike, for the rest of the Mates to play. It’s an all alcohol based trivia game where we will break into 2 teams and go head-to-head to see who knows the most obscure alcohol trivia.

The drinks we are trying during this episode we have all covered before, Garrison Brothers Cowboy, Blanton’s, Apple Tom Collins (from our Treaty Oak Waterloo Antique episode), Old Forester 1920, Yellow Spot, and finally Tullamore Dew 18.

Thanks for listening and we hope you tune in next week.

This week your hosts are Jason, Marissa, Anthony, Amber, Tim, Amie, and Mike.

Music by The Passion HiFi

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